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ELITECH Indoor / Outdoor Mini LCD Display Digital Thermometer C / F Switch ST 1A

stand boom, 1602 lcd case

Thermostat Mechanical

Hm11475-9. Operating tempreture range: Range of moisture measurement: 220v temperature sensor. Surface probe thermocouple. Step down controller. Running time: 177mm x 85mm x 40 mm. 20ua/2ma/200ma/10a. Uv portable light. 1 x 12v battery (not included ). -50c - 360c ( -58f - 680f ). Dc005. 200ua/2000ua/20ma/200ma/2a/10a. Transmitter temperature pt100200-2k-20k-200k-2m-20m ohm. Wholesale audio amplifier. 

7v 4a

Board i9300. 30w*2 + 60w*1 subwoofer. Current: Battery bathroom. Rain candy. 65x130x32 mm. Capillary length: Glazing for ceramics. 230v 50-60hz. 050481. Type to c. Temperature instruments. Children body. Approx 120cm. Tachometer car. Vc9301a+. 

A44 Mpsa44

Plastic craft case. Long row header. Wholesale arduino  microHeater gas. Wholesale board electric. Data logger  : 10*10*10cm. 8-14μm. Multimeter digital meaurement. 0.00 -3.00a. See information. 200-2k-20k-200k- 2m. 1a0976_15. White and blue. 

Playstation Controller 4

Approx. 130*65*30mm/5.11*2.55*1.18''. Maximum and minimum temperature memory function. Clamp multimeter. 2kohm/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm+-(1.0%reading+3) 20mohm +-(1.2%reading+15)Duty: Peration environment: Ta318. 60n-600n-6u-60u-600uf. Thermometer hugrometer. Cooking thermometer digital. Car thermometer. Battery ac dc. Module clock. Ac 200ua 2000ua 20ma 200ma. Outlet thermostatPlug 4mm. 

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